Every day, your organization faces risks and issues that require a particular approach and specialized expertise. Our consulting service will enable you to get an integrative perspective of these components, which might initially seem unrelated.

Management team consolidation within the prevention project

Occupational health and safety (OHS) committee repositioning

OHS, environment and quality function integration

High-risk procedure management

Monetary and non-monetary recognition program

Risk management

Job Safety Analysis

OHS regulations, standards and procedures

Operational Excellence

Critical Controls Management

Results tracking

OHS management team mobilization

Key Performance Indicators

Prevention activity planning

Behaviour-Based Safety Management

Hazardous conditions management

OHS role

OHS integration to performance management

Due diligence

OHS integration to engineering projects

OHS teamwork

OHS integration to plant shutdowns

Safety meetings

OHS strategic planning

OHS contractor control program

OHS audits

Planned general inspections

New OHS employee integration and training

Task observation

Accident frequency

Accident investigation and analysis

Pre-task analysis

And more…